Do I really have internal monologue?
(Reality TV about inner experience)

Part I: Lena

Part II: Ryan Langdon

Ryan Langdon's January 28, 2020 blog "Today I Learned That Not Everyone Has An Internal Monologue And It Has Ruined My Day" drew 10,000,000 views by the end of February and sparked a firestorm of conversations around the globe.

Psychology professor Russ Hurlburt is the originator of Descriptive Experience Sampling (DES), a research method that uses a beeper to trigger the investigation of inner experience. His research results are what ruined Ryan's day: Hurlburt has found that whereas some people do experience constant internal monologues, many (perhaps most) do not.

Many have wondered how DES works, wondered about the basis of Hurlburt's claims. He has written six books and many articles on the topic, but has never opened the process up to real-time examination--until now. This site publicly unfolds the DES process as it occurs, first with Lena, and then with Ryan Langdon himself.

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