A Passion for Specificity:
Confronting Inner Experience in Literature and Science

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Marco Caracciolo and Russell T. Hurlburt

Published December, 2016 by The Ohio State University Press

Literary scholar Marco Caracciolo engages inner experience expert Russ Hurlburt
in a personal, no-holds-barred yet constructive confrontation
that advances the understanding of presuppositions, experience, literature, and consciousness.

About A Passion for Specificity:
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About the editing of these exchanges
Whence the title "A Passion for Specificity"?

Materials cited in the text
Chapter Page reference Material
I23 Metamorphosis reader screen shot
IV 45 Questionnaire results: Alex Lynn
XIII 165 Unabridged email exchange: Regarding essentiality (editing in pages 165-170)
XVIII 217 Complete audio of sampling interviews
Introduction to DES Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6
XXI 251 Audio excerpt: 21:30 into sampling day 5 (scanning; the quoted material is at 1:15 into the excerpt)
XXI 254 Audio excerpt: 25:39 into sampling day 2 (inner speech?)
XXII 266 Audio excerpt: 26:05 into introduction-to-DES interview (prospective account?)
XXII 274 Unabridged email exchange: Annotated transcript of day 1 where Russ supports Marco's inner speech (editing in pages 274-275)

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